Behind the brand...

Hey! I’m Jessica and I’m the founder and owner of Sew Sustainable. I do all of the sewing as well as stock ordering, updating the website, packing orders and social media. Thank you so much for visiting my website! 

Your first eco swap? Reusable Menstrual pads 

Your Favourite eco swap? This is tough but probably reusable pads again or reusable wipes, those get used everyday! 

Most recent swap? A reusable safety razor and I am absolutely loving it!

Some useless facts about me...

  • I have been an extra in a CBBC series
  • My favourite animal is a penguin (puffins come pretty close though!)
  • I absolutely hate cheese 
  • If I could be any kind of fish I would probably be a starfish (they are just kind of cool) 
  • My all time favourite film is Gnomeo and Juliet
  • My favourite piece of punctuation is a semicolon; exclamation marks are close second!

Take a look at my workspace...

I love looking at the behind the scenes set ups of my fellow small businesses and if you're as nosey as me, I bet you love it too! This is what Sew Sustainable HQ looks like (on a very tidy day mind!), my happy place and eco creation station. 

For more like this, please check out the Instagram account @Sewsustainableuk