Getting Started with Reusable Baby Wipes!

Did you know that new parents go through up to 900 baby wipes a month... Think of all that waste AND all that money! Wet wipes are also mostly made out of plastic fibres too! Wipes continue to be a staple of the bags of most parents even as their children get a little older, give reusables a go to save your money and an awful lot of waste. Guess what? due to their texture and high absorbency reusable wipes work better too, using less wipes per change.

The best part about giving reusables a go is that it doesn't have to be all or nothing, you could start off just using reusable wipes for hands and faces. Don't make the rubbish choice... Give reusables a go!

Where to start?

Using reusable wipes is super easy and we're here to get you started in just a few simple steps.

  • You will need between 30-40, depending on how many wipes you use per change and how often you put them in the wash. 
  • You can either wet your wipes with water as you go or store a small amount damp and ready to use at a time. You can use them with just water or a mild baby soap if you wish. 
  • If you are going to pre-wet your wipes you can store in a wetbag, if just damp, or a tuppleware container, if you'd prefer to leave them soaking in water.
  • Have a wet bag close by to store used wipes. Our wetbags help contain smell and are easily unzipped and popped into the washing machine- No touching mucky wipes! We recommend having at least 2 Wetbags for this reason.
  • Washing wipes every other day is suggested to keep the amount of wipes you need low, pop your wipes on a short rinse cycle (you may not feel like you need this stage for just 'hands and faces' wipes) and then add any other washing and put on a full cycle. (Avoid fabric softeners as they can effect the absorbency of your wipes)
  • If you are using cloth nappies you just store and wash everything together. 

Which wipes should I pick?

At Sew Sustainable UK we offer a few different wipe options that vary in size and material. Keep reading to find out which may be the best option for you!

Bamboo Towelling Wipes